Gisela Ginés Ramírez Ramírez


Gisela Ginés Ramírez Ramírez


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Gisela obtained her Law Degree from “Universidad Latinoamericana”. With over fifteen years of experience, her practice includes defending companies in a wide variety of employment disputes arising under federal and state employment laws.

Her experience and practice include the following activities:

  • Attention of litigation proceedings whether individual or collective, before the Local and Federal Conciliation and Arbitration Labor Boards.
  • Attention to inspections carried out by the Labor and Social Welfare Department.
  • Individual and collective negotiations and processes related to the termination of the employment relationships.
  • Special advice to companies in order to prevent labor contingencies derived from employment terminations.
  • Labor advice regarding the implementation of collective bargaining agreements and internal labor regulations.

Gisela coordinates the litigation area and works directly with clients to maintain a proper communication with them, in order to prevent wrongful terminations and to attend hearings on time.