Enrique Ballesteros Alvarado


Enrique Ballesteros Alvarado


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With over eighteen years of experience, Enrique is focused on labor litigation and counseling. He is head of the Firm´s Labor Consulting practice group. 

He obtained his law degree from Universidad Iberoamericana.

He holds a degree in Amparo Law from the Mexican Bar Association. 

He is a member of the National Association of Enterprise´s Attorneys (ANADE) and the Mexican Bar Association. 

Enrique´s practice areas and activities include: 

  • He provides general advice to clients on profit sharing payments, expatriates, complex employer substitution processes, stock options, employment intermediation, and employees´ benefits calculation and payment, compensation, incentive and social welfare plans.
  • Hiring schemes
  • Labor audits, transference of employees, mergers and acquisitions.
  • He has developed many strategies regarding the termination of employment relationships.
  • He has extensive experience with implementation of codes of conduct, internal labor regulations and compliance.
  • He advises international clients on labor aspects contemplating opening operations in Mexico.
  • He analyzes corporate schemes related with Outsourcing.
  • Confidential and non-compete agreements.

He is a frequent speaker at many forums regarding the following topics. “Termination of the employment relationships”

“Financial crimes within companies and their criminal, tax and labor matters”

“Labor measures facing current crisis”

“Hiring of expatriates”